The advantages of outsourcing are numerous. Lower cost competitors have emerged and buyers are no longer willing to underwrite the cost of the sales rep. Sales outsourcing is cheaper than the fully loaded cost of employing salespeople. Replacing fixed costs with variable costs is attractive to budget-holders. The real cost savings come from increasing revenue and providing speed of response or flexibility.

MedTech Advancement can deliver high value sales and customer support for less, so organizations can stay competitive

Other advantages

  • Manufacturing sales reps often have many corporate distractions that take away attention to what they were hired to do. We provide focus and speed of response, 100% dedication, without any distractions.
  • Our sales agents are senior and top performers against qualitative as well as quantitative performance criteria.
  • Flexibility and speed are also important drivers; it may take several months to one year to recruit, train and get the sales reps up to speed.
  • During period of pre/post acquisition, we can absorb short term opportunities to protect the competition from taking advantage of the uncertainty at organizations.
  • We can provide both tactical activity and long-term strategic support to our clients.
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