You’ve already built a thriving, successful company. And now you are ready to take your business to EMEA. But do you know how to get there? Do you have the time and knowledge to deal with the numerous cultural, economic, political, and legal differences between the countries?

We help small and medium sized businesses in this challenge. We will find strategic channel partners, stakeholders and distributors in our network. While doing this we work alongside you to identify the critical steps you need to take to achieve your next phase of growth rapidly and sustainably.

Our aim is always to secure and maintain your channel partner growth while establishing and deepening the relationships with your clients, stakeholders and distributors. We aim to penetrate in existing markets but will also creates new ones, by introducing new products and services to these target markets.




We can help you building that relationship with your channel partner. It is a very important part of running a successful business. You must build and maintain healthy relationships with your employees, customers, suppliers, and channel partners. The relationship with your channel partner is a crucial one that is essential to the success of your business. Without a channel partner, your product will not make it to the customer, and without the customer you will have no profit. Without profit your business cannot thrive. Keep this in mind during all interactions with your channel partner and you will be well on your way to positive business growth.

  • Meet with your channel partners in person. Face-to-face meetings with your channel partners you are sending the message that they are important to your business.
  • Keep communication open. It is important for your channel partners to know that they have a voice that is heard.
  • Support your channel partners by participating in their meetings. It will show that you care enough to be involved. Participating in meetings will also give you the chance to voice your opinion and take a more active role in the business.
  • Attend events sponsored by your channel partners. This shows your support for their business and is an excellent opportunity for networking.

We recognize that many great products have failed simply because the distributor failed to put the product in the right place for their key market, didn’t offer competitive terms or failed to enable their sales force. We can assist you in reviewing your distributor’s performance determining whether you have chosen the right go to market strategy and assist you in terminating unprofitable partners.



Once a business is launched, there are many activities that need to be undertaken to further expand its scope and maximize its potential. Many companies lack resources to conduct some of the necessary tasks, are removed from potential partners since they operate in a different market segment, or are simply geographically distant from the new target market. Business development issues are diverse, vary from company to company, and change during the business cycle.


We can assist you in finding agents, (sub)distributors and can also act as an EMEA sales agent, or distributor if needed.

Using agents, or distributors in local markets is a low cost option for a start-up, however there are many pitfalls to watch out for when deploying this type of sales force.

Independent agents whether they are distributors can be very good, and some can be very bad, but in most cases it is very difficult to tell the difference between the two. Most manufacturers will not effectively screen, interview, recruit, or train independent agents instead they tend to take a “contract and wait” approach, which generally means a longer more protracted growth curve with a lot of hire / wait / fire.

Since these agents all work for commission only and there are no other costs other than demo or sample products in small numbers, it is very tempting for many small start-ups to consider this route. We can assist you in proper screening of these agents and monitors sales in the first period during start up.