We can help you develop your (International) business plan to include your go-to-market strategy, which allows you to track the actual progress against your projected targets.
It will give you clarity and you will gain a deep understanding of your market. It will help you set business aims and objectives. Besides market research, SWOT, MTA can help you with cash flow and profit and loss projections as well as a break-even analysis. Your plan should be used as a map to guide you and your business towards your goals.

MTA can conduct an analysis at the beginning of a project shortening time to market

MTA helps with a thoughtful and well-conducted analysis that may save organizations considerable expense and shorten new product time to market. Determining the sales opportunities and the optimal sales strategies requires comprehensive evaluation, industry experience, and in-depth analysis.

At the same time MTA can also assist you in analysing bringing products to market that now lack the attention of sales reps. Lack of attention because of their lesser margins, lesser chance of getting that wanted sales bonus on the higher margin priced or new products.

Analyses may include:

  • Review of new technologies to access their market potential
  • Competitive market research
  • Analysis of clinical needs, regulatory and reimbursement environment
  • Identification of market opportunities for new technologies and services
  • Segmenting the market
  • Development of marketing and business plans
  • Evaluation of new markets for existing products and services
  • More..